More Car Tyre Technical Questions and Answers

Published: 30th November 2009
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Car tyres and technical terms are inseparable, which is useful especially for those who work with them. However, we mere mortals can benefit from knowing some of the jargon. Here are some questions, with multiple-choice answers. The right answers are below so see how high you can score.

1. What is 'aquaplaning'?

A: A popular water sport involving skis and a hang glider?

B: What happens when a tyre can't clear road water away quickly enough?

C: A technique used by a deep-sea carpenter?

2. What is 'rolling resistance'?

A: The amount of energy required to overcome the static mass of a tyre?

B: Wartime fighters who adopted job-sharing?

C: The ability of a tyre to stop a car turning over?

3. What does 'M+S' stand for?

A: A well-known department store?

B: 'Match and Slip' as applied to tyre tread's grip?

C: It denotes a 'Mud and Snow' tyre?

4. What is a 'mid range' tyre?

A: A tyre designed to run at a medium pressure?

B: A tyre that is of lower quality than a branded tyre but is cheaper?

C: A tyre that wears out twice as fast as a high range tyre?

5. What is 'Mu'?

A: The coefficient of the average grip of a tyre on a wet surface?

B: A metric unit of tyre pressure?

C: The sound made by a taciturn cow?

6. What is a 'Standing Wave'?

A: The hand signal given by a policeman directing traffic?

B: The sine wave shown on the screen of an electronic tyre-balancing machine?

C: A wave of deformation in front and behind the contact patch of a rolling tyre?

7. What is 'Re-grooving'?

A: Cutting new grooves into the sidewall of a tyre to aid water dispersion?

B: Cutting new grooves into worn tread to extend the life of truck tyres?

C: An older person learning how to break dance?

8. What is 'profile'?

A: The difference between the sizes of front and rear tyres?

B: A person's self-disclosed information on Facebook?

C: The ratio of tyre sidewall height to the width of a car tyre's tread?

9. What does 'SST' stand for?

A: It stands for 'Second Set of Tyres'?

B: It stands for 'Self Supporting Technology'?

C. It stands for 'Slightly Slippy Tyres'?

10. What are 'Harmonics'?

A: Annoying vibrations and noise causing discomfort for a car's occupants?

B: Tyre noise ocurring only on certain road surfaces?

C: A 1960's band that used musical saws?

11. What is 'Hysterisis'?

A: The hardness of the rubber used in a car tyre's carcass?

B: A female relative who tends to panic?

C: The resistance to deformation of the rubber in a tread block?

12. Why do some tyre fitters use nitrogen?

A: As an alternative to air for inflating tyres?

B: As a means of removing an old tyre from a wheel?

C: For a laugh in the tyre bay before a short sleep?














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